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3 ways to refresh your closet for spring

by Kristina Morgan | | 0 Comments

transitioning from winter to spring is not only going to require a wardrobe revamp but also a closet purge to get rid of clothes you no longer wear, make room for seasonal pieces and new trendy items while also focusing on wearing clothes you actually feel good in. before you start the closet purge process, go over these easy tricks to refresh your closet for spring.

clean out your closet

prior to making your closet pretty and ready for spring, empty out your closet to get an overview of what you own and what you’ll need to get for this season. here’s how to get it done.

make a day of it. dedicate a weekend day to just cleaning out your entire closet. invite your bff over to help out and give her opinion. make a good playlist, get some rosé and set aside some boxes to go through every single item in your closet.

empty out your closet. the best way to begin purging your closet is to get everything out of it. dump your wardrobe on your bed, so you can see what you’re working with. you'll be able to immediately notice how much stuff you have, what to keep and start thinking about what to get rid of.

divide your wardrobe. this is probably the toughest part of this whole process. you’ll have to make choices and analyze your style. but, i promise once it’s done, you’ll start to see your wardrobe in a new way. start by making piles of shirts, pants, dresses, jackets, lingerie, accessories, etc.

separate everything before you begin making decisions about what to toss and keep. don’t take things off hangers. you’ll never finish if you stop to make things nice. when you’re done, go over each pile and ask yourself a few vital questions.

  • does it still fit?
  • have i worn this in the last year?
  • would i wear it again?
  • is it damaged?
  • do i look pretty when i wear this?
  • would i buy this at a boutique right now?
  • do i love this piece?

if you answered “no” to any of the above questions, get rid of the item!


before adding anything new to your closet, there’s a little bit of upkeep and reorganization that needs to happen to make everything feel new again.

make three piles. now that you know what you’re keeping and throwing away, separate your wardrobe into three piles: sell, donate and toss. the sell pile is for items in good condition that you no longer want to wear and don’t love (look at your answers from the checklist above). sell them to your local thrift store or to an online marketplace like ebay. for all other wearable items with no resale value, donate them to a charity such as goodwill or the salvation army. if your pieces are damaged or are no longer wearable add them to your toss pile.

create a list. before putting everything away, make a list of pieces you want to purchase. write down items that you need to replace such as your basics that are worn out, and also get on-trend or seasonal pieces to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe. go to your pinterest boards and put on the list wish list items and anything else you want to wear this spring. having a list or plan before you go shopping will make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

organize what you kept. put back everything that you decided to keep, store in the back of your closet winter coats and seasonal clothes that you don’t want to wear and make room for the new pieces you’re going to get for spring.

shop for your body right now. sometimes your body isn’t quite where you want it to be, but that shouldn’t discourage you from getting new clothing and updating your wardrobe this season. when you have a closet filled with pieces that you love, getting dress it’s a much more positive experience. set a budget and get a few things to wear that makes you feel good, while you’re working to get your body back in shape.

decorate your closet

the hard part is over! your closet purge is done and you got some new pieces. now is time to make your closet pinterest-perfect.

add statement pieces. start by placing in front your essentials, cool designer pieces, creative bags and also your prettiest stuff. make your closet more chic by mixing up your nicest shoes, accessories, and clothes with stylish decor such as fashion magazines, clothing boxes, books, vases, flowers and candles.this way, every time you open your closet you will feel happy and more inspired.

invest in cute hangers. buy hangers that go with your decor style and the colors you pick out to design your closet. get a few ultra-feminine ones to display your most-loved pieces.

get drawer organizers. they come in all styles and designs, so just pick a few that go with the style you’re going for. they are great to store jewelry, winter accessories, sunglasses, lingerie, scarves, belts and socks. not only will this help you find those accessories faster, but they also make your closet look more put together.

purchase new furniture. running out of space? buy an extra rack. you can put on the rack coats and jackets with the same color scheme and style or filled it out with pretty blouses and dresses in spring colors and prints.

which tips and tricks do you use when you’re refreshing your closet? tell us in the comments!

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