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4 tips for wearing bomber jackets

by Kristina Morgan | | 0 Comments

there is something about a bomber jacket that gives off a cool and edgy vibe while including a bit of a bad girl appeal. bomber jackets also help any look become seriously stylish. there are several ways to wear this fashionable piece, the biggest reward is how diverse this jacket can be. bombers are available at many different price points allowing for wiggle room when it comes to making this a splurge item or a conservative purchase. to successfully pull off this look you will want to consider the following tips.

vintage vs. modern


here are so many variations to a vintage bomber jacket. a popular design is men’s flight bomber jackets. this style is usually found in leather with patches on the arm and the front of the jacket. another nostalgic look is loud decorative designs circa 1990’s. modern styles have a more simplistic feel with minimal details. you have to decide which look is right for you and that can seamlessly be incorporated into your wardrobe.


whether it’s leather, denim, printed or nylon each bomber offers a different stylish appeal. leather bombers are great for colder weather and tend to have extra lining like shearling. if genuine leather is out of your price range motto leather is an excellent alternative although it tends not to be as durable or warm as traditional leather. a denim bomber jacket is definitely a fall piece that can be transitioned into winter with additional layering for warmth. 

for variety, you can opt for a denim look with a faux shearling collar. nylon bombers come in several different colors, to get more longevity out of your purchase you will want to stick to dark neutrals like olive green, navy blue, and black.

details matter

bombers with a hood is a good idea, especially during the colder months. if you are able to find a jacket that can transition through the seasons with a removable hood and lining you will definitely get more wear of it. as temperatures begin to drop you will see more bombers with a fur lining trim on the hood, this will also add some variety.

other extra detailing you may come across include shearing on the cuffs, hood, and collar. this is worth considering if you plan on making this your go-to winter coat. bright colored linings are the perfect option if you are not into taking fashion risks. this can be showcased by leaving the jacket unzipped or by cuffing the sleeves.

all about layers


bombers have a very laid back feel so layering this type of jacket with a hooded sweatshirt, crew neck sweatshirt or patterned button down will help to complete the look. a traditional gray hoody sweatshirt will offer a very casual feel, that can be worn with a tee that may have a cool graphic print design. if you are looking to dress up your outfit but still keep it casual go with a darker gray crew neck sweatshirt with a button down in a modern print. you can even add a light denim jacket underneath as an extra layering piece.  


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