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5 Ageless Beauty Products

by Rose Wheeler | | 0 Comments


There are those beauty products considered tried and true. what makes a product versatile enough to be considered good enough for all ages? for one, a product that can complement any skin type at any age. products that stick to the value of what an effective beauty product should do for a woman like make them feel more confident, compliment the natural beauty of a woman, and subtly lift the face for a more naturally enhanced look.

What is ageless beauty, anyway? when a woman is described as agelessly beautiful, it is implied that the true age of a woman is unapparent as her smile is gleaming and skin looks radiant and healthy. beauty products that help to achieve this ageless beauty are staples and live in the makeup bags of women from their early 20’s onto their years to come.

1) red lipstick. a bold matte or glossy red lipstick will remain a classic in the makeup kits of all women. paired with neutral eyes and fresh, glowing skin the red lip look will always remain a favorite.

2) black or brown eyeliner. a simple way to add drama to the eye; wing it out in your 20’s and 30’s then keep it to a shortstop in your 50’s. eyeliner adds depth to the eyes, and that’s always perfect for a night out at any age.

3) full coverage foundation. skin is prone to breakouts and blemishes at all ages. that’s why foundation is essential to a clear complexion (after your daily skincare routine of course). as women age skin ranges in tone and sometimes even dark spots may appear. throughout our lives, we’ll be changing our foundation many times to adapt to our skin's current needs.



4) mascara. not just any mascara, but that mascara that extends lashes to its fullest length. once you find the mascara that makes your eyes look wide and awake, it’s best to stick to it throughout the years.

5) nude toned eyeshadows. natural eyeshadow colors in a matte finish will always be an essential in every woman’s makeup collection. shimmery shadows are fun, but a matte finish shadow is always acceptable for all occasions. eyeshadows brighten up the eye area and create a smooth skin finish on the eyelid. a bit of liner and mascara and voila ageless eyes!

it’s safe to say that products like hair chalk, temporary tattoos, even bright colored eyeliners won’t ever be considered products that are ageless and embraced by women of all ages.

classic beauty products make you feel beautiful just by subtly enhancing what you are already working with at every age. that is truly what makes a product timeless, just like you.

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photos credit: ivan dodig and alejandra higareda

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