April 14, 2017

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9 Beauty Essentials to Pack in Your Festival Travel Bag

It’s festival season. For most gals, packing all the outfits they’ll wear is the most fun part of the process. But, you can’t forget the beauty necessities that will help you complete your scene-stealing looks. Today, we roundup for you all the beauty essentials that you should pack in your festival travel bag.

Sunscreen: Do we really have to say it? Yes, we do! Pack it with you or buy it when you reach your destination- either way, get it, use it, and keep reapplying. Apply it 15 minutes BEFORE you go to the festival. Sunscreen doesn’t last all day, reapply every two hours. You’ll thank us, later!

Lip balm: Keep lips moisturized and healthy while on your trip. Use a lip balm or lipstick that contains sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. It’s all about back to basics in regards to beauty when you’re outdoors at a festival.

Hat and sunglasses: Bring your cutest floppy hat and shades! We know these aren’t beauty essentials per se, but they are handy to protect your eyes, head, and face from the sun. Look for sunglasses with 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB light for sun protection.

Facial wipes: You will use this non-stop from the flight to hotel check-in to post-festival excursions; wipes contain bacteria fighting ingredients to keep you feeling refreshed all day long.

Multi-use products: Less is more when you are in the sun all day. Think products that do double duty, like a lip and cheek stain, and a matte neutral eyeshadow that can also work as brow powder. What else? Swap your current foundation for a tinted moisturizer and let your skin breathe easier. Be sure it has SPF to protect that pretty face of yours as well.

Waterproof mascara: To ensure that you don't have raccoon eyes during the festival, opt for waterproof mascara. It will stay on lashes all day and even last through any water-related festivities.

Leave-in conditioner: Between dancing and the sun’s heat, and any other natural wonders you’ll be experiencing on your festival adventure it’s important to keep hair hydrated for a beautiful mane.

Mattifying powder: Take this on the go with you to blot down your gleaming complexion.

Facial cleanser: Don’t rely on the cleansers hotels provide, if they even offer it. Bring yours, especially if you’re camping. Have sensitive skin? Avoid breakouts by storing in your bag mini versions of your favorite skincare products and your regular cleanser.

What are you packing in your festival beauty bag? Tell us about your beauty essentials in the comments!

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Rachael J.
Rachael J.

April 25, 2017

Indeed a comprehensive list. My facial cleanser always comes first. Sometimes is difficult to remember all, this post can always serve as a reminder. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up ?

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