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packing tips for the well-dressed gal

by Rose Wheeler | | 0 Comments

packing can be a daunting task and probably doesn't make it into the category of "fun." but, if you leave packing to the last minute it leads to a poorly packed bag with wrinkled clothes and missing essential items. if you're worried about overpacking or the small carry-on cramping your style, don’t fret we’ve created a simple guide for you that helps you figure out what to bring without sacrificing anything. whether you’re going away for the weekend or traveling for work, here are a few tips to make your next trip much easier.


find the right bag

don’t cut corners and splurge on a really good carry-on. purchase one that is tailored to your personal style, but follows the airline's carry-on guidelines. you won’t have to replace it every year and it will make traveling much easier. when you limit what you pack to a carry-on bag it makes traveling quicker. you can skip past the bag check and leave immediately after your plane lands without any distractions. stores like tumi, j.crew, everlane, and hook + albert have some really great options, so start your search there. we love also love bri emery’s--the blogger behind the popular blog, design love fest-- luggage and travel accessories line for target.

create a packing strategy

how do you fit everything on a small carry-on? plan ahead what you’re going to wear for each occasion, check the weather, and choose a color palette of neutrals and patterns that work well together. be sure to only pack what you need so you don't take up any unnecessary space. here’s a handy checklist to keep in mind.

  • select your travel clothes first and wear your bulkiest items on the plane. you’ll have more space in your bag without having to sacrifice your clothing options.
  • if you’re traveling for work, pack a solid color pantsuit and wear it several ways. you can style it with different patterned blouses, layer sweaters over your suit pants or wear a skirt with the suit blazer. you'll have tons of options without having to pack a ton of stuff. also, you can wear your suit jacket with dark washed jeans for dinner.
  • wear your heaviest shoes on the plane and pack at the bottom of your bag an all-purpose pair of shoes. roll up your scarves and tights, and store them inside your shoes.
  • small items like underwear and t-shirts should be tightly rolled and store at the bottom of the bag to hold everything together.
  • carefully fold your pantsuit and store it in a plastic bag. place your pantsuit at the bottom of your bag.
  • the next layer of items should be your jeans, blouses, and sweaters. only bring 1 or 2 of each at most and layer these items flat on top.
  • store chargers and small accessories on your bag’s extra pockets.
  • create a beauty travel kit with travel-size toiletries. figure out what items you can get from your hotel, so you can save space in your bag.

remember that you’re allowed to bring a second smaller bag for personal items. this can be a backpack, purse or messenger bag. you should use this second bag to pack your ipad, smartphone, laptop, headphones and any other personal essentials that you might need during your flight.

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