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the beach essentials for a stress-free summer

by Kristina Morgan | | 0 Comments

when a new season starts, shopping items for it is something everyone should do. always check your closet first to see what pieces from your wardrobe need to be updated, read current trends and make a list of what you’ll need. then, browse online shops until you find the best deals.


on your current priority list for this new season include getting nicer beachwear, sandals, and accessories. especially, if you live in a state or country where it’s always sunny, your beach essentials need to be upgraded since beach gear gets worn out by this time of the year. to maximize time in the sun and sand this summer, we’ve rounded up 11 must-have beach essentials that are functional and budget friendly.

1. swimsuit cover-up

cover-ups are a great option to throw over your swimsuit. they can be dressed up for lunch after your day at the beach or dress down for a casual outing. we love that the right style can camouflage all kinds of imperfections.

2. bathing suit

if you mostly wear one-piece bathing suits but are thinking about maybe trying a bikini, this lovely bikini in a rust matte color will help make up your mind to try something new this year. style it with this mesh bottom, since the high-waisted style of the cover-up will hide problem areas (slim the tummy) while accentuating your curves.

3. beach bag

if you always bring a lot of things to the beach--from magazines to a change of clothes and leave-in-conditioner--store your must-haves in a big tote or beach bag. a reusable linen tote can carry perfectly all of your beach-day essentials.

4. flip flops

flip flops are a summer staple and should be a big part of your summer wardrobe. besides the basics black and brown, keep in your closet a few dressy pairs that you can wear with maxi dresses and coverups for after the beach adventures.

5. beach towel

bring a few towels in case your beach companions forget theirs. get an oversized beach towel (39” x 78”), so that you’ll be able to fit your bffs or a special date.

6. sunglasses

sunglasses are a must when spending time outdoors. you don’t want to be winking and getting wrinkles. these cute cat-eye shades are perfect for a day of fun in the sun.

7. floppy hat

bringing a hat to the beach helps protect your scalp and face from the sun. you can also wear it to hide a bad hair day or keep your locks in place.

8. reading material

if your main focus for going to the beach is relaxing--maybe you’re not a swimmer or just want to hangout--lounging with a good book or fashion magazines is an awesome beach pastime. so bring yours!

9. lip balm with spf

wearing makeup to the beach can be counterproductive, but this tinted lip balm by beauty brand e.l.f shield lips from harmful sun rays and gives just a hint of color. awesome, right?

10. leave-in conditioner

rehydrate your hair before leaving the beach by adding a little bit of leave-in conditioner. it will moisturize and protect your hair against dryness caused by the sun and ocean.

11. sunscreen

this one is a no-brainer. if you’re spending time outdoors, you need to apply (and reapply) sunscreen. try out a sports sunscreen with an spf over 50+ and reapply every two hours for maximum protection.

what are some of your beach essentials? share them with us in the comments below.

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